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ISO 9001-2008 Certified
ISO 9001-2008

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Patco Machine and Fab, Inc.

We are a machine shop providing Oilfield Services through Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing. Patco has in-house design capabilities and can machine, fabricate, assemble & test a wide range of equipment. Manufacturing can be based on design concepts developed with a customer or through engineering drawings provided by the customer. We have a Worldwide customer base of over 30 major companies that we have serviced since 1973.

Patco also provides many oilfield products including Cable and Hose Reels, Roller Turndown Sheaves, Hydraulic Power Units, Remote Control Panels, Drilling System Mud Tank Suction Valves, Dump Valves and Equalizer Valves, and replacement parts for the obsolete Joe Stein/Houston System products.

Hose Reel

Quality Policy

It is the mission of PATCO Machine and Fab, Inc. to produce a product that meets customer requirements, ships on time and ensures the highest possible level of customer satisfaction while maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and customers.

Each department in this organization contributes measurably to the overall quality of our products. It is the responsibility of all department managers to ensure that all phases of the system are operating efficiently and effectively.  This will be accomplished through our Non-conformance Reporting (NCR) System, the Corrective and Preventive Action Reporting (CPAR) System, Internal Quality Audits and Management Review.  It is the responsibility of Top Management to ensure the continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the QMS through the Management Review process.

The authority for administration of the program is assigned to the Quality Assurance Manager.  It shall be the Quality Assurance Manager's responsibility to achieve and maintain compliance with the policies and procedures of this Quality Management System and the ISO 9001:2008 American National Standard. 

Johnny Kilpatrick


Quality Objectives

Implement and maintain a Certified Quality Management System to:

  • Meet Customers’ Criteria

  • Achieve and Maintain Approved Vendor Status with all Customers

  • Develop Continuous Improvement Strategies through the Corrective/Preventive Action System

  • Maintain an effective Safety Program to prevent accidents and injuries to our employees and visitors

  • Reduce non-conformances by 5% annually in the following processes:

    • Receiving
    • Design
    • Fabrication
    • Sub-contractors


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